Dr. Ruben Dewitte

Postdoctoral Research Fellow of Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) at Ghent University

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I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow of Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) at Ghent University. I obtained the title `Doctor of Economics' in January 2020 for my thesis titled "Firm Heterogeneity in International Trade" .

My research focuses on the topics of International Economics and Applied Microeconomics. My current work concentrates on the definition, characterization and measurement of firm-level heterogeneity in international trade.

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Refereed Publications

  1. "The Gravity Equation in International Trade: A Note.", accepted at the Journal of Political economy.
  2. "Unobserved Heterogeneity in the Productivity Distribution and Gains From Trade." with M. Dumont, G. Rayp and P. Willemé, accepted at the Canadian Journal of Economics, Appendix.
  3. "Firm-Heterogeneous Biased Technological Change: A nonparametric approach under endogeneity" with M. Verschelde , M. Dumont, B. Merlevede and G. Rayp, European Journal of Operational Research 283(3), 1172–1182.

Work in progress

  1. "From heavy-tailed micro to macro: on the characterization of firm-level heterogeneity and its aggregation properties."
  2. "Gains From Trade: Demand, Supply and Idiosyncratic Uncertainty." with G. Rayp and B. Merlevede.
  3. "Identifying Unobserved Heterogeneity in Productivity." with C. Fuss and A. Theodorakopoulos.
  4. "Comparative advantage and heterogeneous firms. The case of Portugal." with G. Rayp.


R packages

  1. "distributionsrd: Distribution Fitting and Evaluation".

Work in progress

    All public code can be accessed via my personal GitHub webpage.

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